angel number 139

Angel Number 139 | The Secret of Spiritual awakening

Angel number 139 is a message from your guardians to be spiritually active and pay a focus on the mission of your soul. Your angels want you to pursue your spiritual interests by taking suitable actions.

Angel Number 139 Spiritual Meaning 

Have you been visualizing the number 139 more often? what is the meaning of this number? Most of you are afraid that this number is associated with bad luck. It shows the significance of self-growth. The guardian angels want you to be spiritually healthy and increase your spiritual connection because this is the way you will live a powerful and satisfying life. The ascended masters urge you to work on your spirituality, pray to God what you want and God will respond to you.

Angel Number 139 Symbolic Meaning

Through 139, the angels not only want you to be spiritually active but they also want you to surround yourself with the people who are spiritually strong so that they can assist you in achieving spiritual strength. In this way, your life will transform positively. It is only possible if you let go of your old practices and the beliefs that were a reason for hindrance in your spiritual growth before. According to your angels, self-growth is a key factor for your spiritual nourishment.

Angel Number 139 Numerology

Number 139 is a combination of energies and vibrations of 1, 3, and 9. angel number 1 is associated with optimism and new beginnings. It also highlights the importance of self-reliance and self-growth. Angel number 3 is much related to strengthening and polishing your skills so that you can use them to make crucial decisions in your life for growth in your career. Likewise, angel number 9 is a message of spirituality by your angels. Through angel number 9, the guardians want you to be spiritually Enlighted. Do some yoga or meditation as it will help you in this regard.

Angel Number 139 Facts

Now if we split the number 139 into two parts they are 13 and 39, the number 13 means that your angels are hinting you to use their gifts positively. Similarly, angel number 39 encourages you to take good steps in life to make your and others’ life peaceful. Angels encourage the actions that make some difference in your and other people’s lives.

Angel Number 139 and love

People who are under the influence of 139 tend to be more attractive and harder to reject. These people tend to have various qualities which make them special. They are very modest and want to be talked about in society. Also, people with 139 number tend to hide their emotions so that they don’t have to express how they are feeling. It is also true that these people are much inclined towards sexuality, so loyalty is not their cup of tea. People with this number have to be extra cautious when it comes to taking care of their friends otherwise their friends will leave them after getting annoyed by their childish behavior.


In a nutshell, your guardian angels are making you see this number 139 time and again so that they can deliver their message that they will always be inspiring you in finding more ways to achieve spiritual strength.

MeaningThe secret of spiritual awakening
Twin flameThe message of divine relationship
Biblical meaningA healthy spirit is a key to success