Angel number 138

Angel Number 138 Meaning | Giving Up Is Never An Option

Angel Number 138 is a secret message from your guardian angels that you have to be kind, loving, and nurturing to people the way God has told you. This is ultimately the way to be a happy and satisfied person in your life.

Angel Number 138 Significance and Meaning

The number 138 is a secret message from your guardian angels to listen to your inner voice and the guidance from the angels with a positive attitude to get new opportunities for career, income, or promotion. 

Angel number 138 Numerology

The number 138 is a combination of three numbers 1, 3, and 8. it highlights the vibrations, attributes, and energies of 1,3 and 8 angel numbers respectively. Angel number 1 is associated with power, independence, optimism, self-reliance, self-belief, and a concept that we have to create our realities by hard work and determination. Angel number 3 resonates with growth, energy, and expansion of the opportunities with your creativity. Number 8 is associated with wealth and the significance of self-confidence. It also highlights the law of karma. 

Angel Number 138 in Love   

Based on the meaning of 138, listen to your heart and mind in the matter of your love and then do whatever seems right to you. In all types of your relations whether emotional or romantic, your angels want you to be kind and loyal. Angel number 138 reminds you that your kindness will never go in vain. You will get the reward for your loyalty and kindness. Through 138, your angels are showing that with kindness and appreciation, your relationship will reach high levels of prosperity such that divorce and separation will never be an option. Forgive the mistakes of your partner and use your inner wisdom to bring your spouse closer to you. 

Biblical meaning of Angel Number 138 

Seeing this numerical sequence 138 is not a mere coincidence, it is a sign that the universe wants to communicate to you with certain symbols and numbers. The number 138 symbolizes the love of God that is sufficient upon His people. 

Angel Number 138 twin flame   

Guardian angel 138 is a powerful symbol of self-love and kindness. The universe wants you to open your heart and mind to see what nature is offering to you. Trust that all the hardships that you are facing will end very soon and you are going to live a peaceful life. 


What does it mean to see 138?  

It means that your angels want you to be optimistic about your life. Never lose hope and be motivated for the time is near when you will ultimately reach your destination. Your angels are whispering to you that you need to be kind towards humanity. 

What does it mean in love life when I see 138 frequently?  

Your angels are trying to say that whenever you want to find the right partner for you, just listen to your heart as it can feel the emotional connection. 138 also highlights the importance of self-love. If you love yourself, it is only then possible that you can love humanity too. 

What is the biblical meaning of 138? 

According to the bible, 138 represents the love and Grace of God for His people.

Number 138 – Conclusion  

In a nutshell, your life will be amazing if you will follow these instructions from your guardian angels. Through 138, angels want you to value kindness and serve humanity as commanded by God.  Angels are giving you a message that it is now the right time to serve the people as God has commanded in the Bible. Your angels are time and again advising you to be kind and compassionate as kindness is the biggest Holy gift. You need to be optimistic and have faith in God. 

138 Meaning Giving up is never an option
138 Twin flameSignificance of self-love
138 Biblical meaningthe love of God for people